The cutest angel in the garrison
Is Castiel gonna be in 9X13 or what???

When are we gonna seee him again?

I just saw the opromo of next week episode. What The Actual fuck is this shit?

I lost any hope for this season. I mean seriously but next one is gonna be proper Crap. It doesn’t even look like supernatural anymore. And where the fuck is Cas?

GuyS!!! Is castiel gonna be in 9X12??

Please tell me is gonna be there.

Destiel is not becoming canon.

Cmon guys seriously??? The change between dean and cas is nothing good…. They just had sex with women 2episodes ago and not theyr gonna be gay in one go?? Please!! Theyr just gonna split up for good. Dean will probably say its cas fault sam s in that situation because he let the angels fall. Sorry but i got no hopes. Not after the latest episodes

Cas in season NEIN is portrayed like a horny teenager who seems totally awkward and out of place. It’s not the Cas we love anymore, it’s the frantic try to fit him into the human world, by letting him do everything “a normal guy does” in fast motion. It’s embarrassing. It’s unworthy of the character Castiel, that we got in season 4.
Form   someone on tumblr. I agree on everything. I couldn’t find better words. Thak u and fuck the writers.
Did dean sent cas aay again?

Destiel s really over.

I m thinking to close thi blog for good.

I opened this blog because of my endles love for cas and i met wanderfull people here and i loved this sho more than everything, but i m feeling so sick, depressed and sad after every episode since season 7. They distroyed everything Cas is ( noyìt to mention hes complete absense in season 7) made him look like a fucking parody of himself. Also I hes new obsession  with  women. I can’t believe he still think about April like what?? A good fuck?? This is not the cas i fell in love with. And dean doesn’t give a fuck about him.I really don’t know what to do. tell me what to do.Please

I just saw a gif.

Please tell me cas hasn t had sex again?? He was talk with dean about another fucking woman?? Im really sick of this now. Is the main purpose of the season to show that cas is straight???

Tonight is the night.

After the previews epusodes seeing cas and dean going witg women and after dean kucking cas out, i swear if after this episode they don t cone back together im gonna give up on destiel for good. Even thetyr friebdship has beeb screwed up. After all as misha sayd new writers just screw everything up.

Dean giving cas dating advices is the bloody proof that Destiel will never happen

So why everyone so frigging happy?