The cutest angel in the garrison
So catiel is falling in love with Hanna…..

Im far from exiceted im actually really sad….I really give up.


I can t wait to see Misha texting jensen…I can’t wait for jensen to answer! OOOOOOAOAHLhldkwcbòò

So much potential wasted again

Since the musical ep is the fifth episode i think„„,i reckon we won’t see a lot of demon dean….really? I mean , a musical episode? seriously? Am I the only one who thinks its just fucking stupid? The writers got no more ideas?

PLEEASE!! Tag your Bottom!cas or Omega!Cas fic so I can find them easily

iTS SO difficult to find omega!cas or bottom!CAs fic so please if you write one or find one and post it!Please tag it!

No treesome or foursome Destiel Fanfiction, thanks….

Sorry I just can’t, maybe its the way i ve been raised but I think Love (true love) its between 2 people so they promise to be everything to each other for ever, I just can’t read it….sorry, I wouldn t like my husband/boyfriend or in this case Dean want to share me or in this case Cas, if they love truely they are satisfied by eachother and thats it, like my mam and dad…i really don’t understand it. please don ‘t hate me.

So People are mad about Dean s love interest?

I was muuuuch more mad about Castiels sex scene!!Because was completly out of caracter and also I always figured Cas not as a one night stand guy…. This is nothing to me I don’t give a shit dean has been with plenty of women so nothing new, What really pisses me off is that again Dean and Cas are separeted and wont get much interactions

No Demon!dean and Cas moment in season 10?

By the description we got of season 10 looks like Cas will be busy up in heaven….what if sam manages to get dean back by himself and we won’t get any moments or interactions between dean and CAS??To be honest I got no more faith in the writer since season 7….but seriously??Also dean is gettin a new love interest…it looks like every fucking season they do theyr best to keep dean and Cas separeted and to show how hetero they both are!! Im not really excited for the new season I just wonder why I don’t stop watching it…??Oh, right because of Cas…..



Can anyone suggest a few fics for me? I LOVE Dom!Dark!Dean, and Sub!Bottom!Cas. I read a few really good serial killer fics with Cas getting Stockholm syndrome. Anyway anything with Dean is charge and Cas a whimpering slut lol thank you!

Same for me!Please


I lost everything. 9x6

#Cas lost everything  #He lost his home #He lost many of his brothers and sisters #He also lost his powers #but nothing hurt him more than hearing from the one person who matters that he cannot stay. #How can it be them against the world when he has to lay low? #Maybe Cas accepts that he is human #He just can’t accept that he lost Dean

Thats what makes me really sad….Im sorry to say this but dean never really understood what cas went through for him….he never really appreciated him. I wish we had a nice face to face talk where dean says thank u and so….

Jensen explains why the trench coat scene was so ridicoulus! Im a firm destiel shipper but I agree with him . Probably im the only one in the fandom who didn’t like that scene as well as season 7 at all. That was very bad written with no explanation l whatsoever!Also it lasted a few second! The episode was awfull as well as the writing!