The cutest angel in the garrison
I just saw the opromo of next week episode. What The Actual fuck is this shit?

I lost any hope for this season. I mean seriously but next one is gonna be proper Crap. It doesn’t even look like supernatural anymore. And where the fuck is Cas?

The first Time I saw Castiel I had no doubt he was a good guy! For Ezekiel I felt the same!

Zeke is a good boy! (And I ship him with cas) Hes so nice and sweet!

Castiel is not back until episode 7?

What the hell??


I was thinking What if Cas is been tortured because the Whore wants to know where sam and dean are?

O god!

or maybe is just an angelic revenge…

Anybody knows if Cas is gonna be in episode 4 as well and if he s gonna meet dean??

Who’s gonna help cas after the torture??? Dean has to do it!

They haven’t even meet buy I ship ezikiel and cas for some reasons.

The only good thing about ep. 3

There will be loooods of fics with dean stopping cas from having sex with a woman.

And soon after well….

I don’t wanna watch episode 3.

But anyway the gifs are gonna be all over tumblr for ages.

I just can’t get over the fact that cas is….

I really liked Ezechiel.

I really hope he and cas will meet!

I really have enough.

First episode has been amazing but for fucks sakes they always talk about cas having sex  I just need to know wich episode it is so I can skipe it!I Its fucking annoying!