The cutest angel in the garrison
So catiel is falling in love with Hanna…..

Im far from exiceted im actually really sad….I really give up.

Does friendship exist?

Im serious I don’t believe in it….I will never find a true friend. People just use u and stab u in the back….I ll stuck with my videogames and dreams.

I guess its why im angry towards dean sometimes, cause if I ever had a friend like cas I would never let him go, never…..

Castiel haters actually exsist?

So People are mad about Dean s love interest?

I was muuuuch more mad about Castiels sex scene!!Because was completly out of caracter and also I always figured Cas not as a one night stand guy…. This is nothing to me I don’t give a shit dean has been with plenty of women so nothing new, What really pisses me off is that again Dean and Cas are separeted and wont get much interactions

No Demon!dean and Cas moment in season 10?

By the description we got of season 10 looks like Cas will be busy up in heaven….what if sam manages to get dean back by himself and we won’t get any moments or interactions between dean and CAS??To be honest I got no more faith in the writer since season 7….but seriously??Also dean is gettin a new love interest…it looks like every fucking season they do theyr best to keep dean and Cas separeted and to show how hetero they both are!! Im not really excited for the new season I just wonder why I don’t stop watching it…??Oh, right because of Cas…..


Am I the only human being in the world who can fall in love with a fictional character but not with the actor who plays him?

I sincerely feels Im love with castiel so much more than I m in love with Misha…Is it wrong? 

Anyone know wheres the video of this??PLEASE!!

Anyone know wheres the video of this??PLEASE!!

Is anyone gonna write anything about Gadreel and cas! They were so cute….
HEEELP!What happened to cas?

I ve been with no internet connection for a month. What happened to Cas?? In wich episode has he been after 9X14??

I just saw the opromo of next week episode. What The Actual fuck is this shit?

I lost any hope for this season. I mean seriously but next one is gonna be proper Crap. It doesn’t even look like supernatural anymore. And where the fuck is Cas?