The cutest angel in the garrison
New Casifer art!The author is amazing

Can someone link me to a submissive!Cas fic? it doesn’t matter destiel, calthazar or casifer. Please?

Is there, somewhere in the world a fucking bottom!Cas fics rec!?

Just please!

I just ship them hard!Casifer!

I just ship them hard!Casifer!

Am I the only one in this fandom who ships Casifer hard?

casifer fanfic anyone?Please just write it!

Can you imagine what lucifer can do to Castiel now. SLASH FEELINGS. I need a fic.

I want Lucyfer to sing a lullaby to Castiel.

Can someone,please write a Cas/lucy fic.

After this crap episode I need this. Because dean acted like a dick, they abandond castiel there without turning back. So please anyone just give me  a casifer fic. Please.

So no anon is writing a casifer in my askbox? no Cas/lucifer?