The cutest angel in the garrison
Can someone link me to a submissive!Cas fic? it doesn’t matter destiel, calthazar or casifer. Please?

Is there, somewhere in the world a fucking bottom!Cas fics rec!?

Just please!

Bottom!Cas fics rec please?Just please?

I can’t find them.I would appreciate calthazar and casifer too.

Why nobody wants to write a bottom!Cas fic?WHY?

Why nobody writes calthazar?why??

Anyone wanna write a calthazar fic?




Vampire!Balthazar/Castiel NC-17 for pureinnocent-castiel (2 935 words)

How it happened, Castiel has no an idea. All he knows is that Winchesters and him are in the town, working on a gig including vampires. And next thing he knows is that he’s stuck. One of the vampires’ is surprisingly smart. Holy oil. Castiel glances around, brows lowered, worried, captured. Finally he lifts his eyes to meet the icy blue ones. They’re narrowed, glinting from the depths and somehow the glance reminds Castiel of a fox. Or a ferret, possibly. Long and slender vampire tilts his head to the side, fingertips pressed together, rubbing against each other.

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Is there someone who wants to write a calthazar fic, please.I really need it!

Where cas bottoms preferibly….

I wrote a preview of a Calthazar fic, while drunk last night. tell me what y’all think.(all I fixed was spelling)



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please continue this!